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Wind-Dam System

Is an innovative, retractable glass railing. Designed for spaces exposed to the elements of wind, sand and noise. With a single movement the glass height is easily increased or lowered to suit the weather conditions or your preference.


The world’s first structural balcony balust ades with a retractable wind protection system.

Wind-Dam railings fulfil a practical protective

function, they in crease the comfort of the area and the user. The ycan be used on balconies and gardens, restaurants, terraces and swimming pools.

Wind-Dam system

Outstanding Elegance


Use of aluminium in the frame achives a minimal and modern style while the laminated glass permits the maximum flow
of natural light. 

Sensationally designed


The moving part is lifted by light pressure, which makes it very easy and reliable to operate.

Best wind protection


Wind-Dam retractable balustrades work perfectly, providing acoustic insulation and protection against bad weather conditions.


Balustrade System



Wind-Dam Balcony System

We present the newest project design of
Wind-Dam balustrades for balconies.