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Freestanding balustrade with wooden bench


Closed balustrade height: 1100mm 

Height of open balustrade: 1800mm 

Available widths [mm]:
  • 1000
  • 1200
  • 1400
  • 1600
  • 1800
  • 2000

Glass thickness:
botton: 8mm

top: 6mm

Additional features

We provide the ability to customize the color of the Wind-Dam extension balustrade to perfectly match the aesthetics of your space.

In addition, we offer a choice of electric opening variants, allowing you to customize the functionality of the balustrade according to your preferences and needs. 

It is possible to use different types of glass, such as:
  • frosted laminated glass,
  • clear laminated glass,
  • VSG laminated glass,
  • Antisol glass,
  • diamant / optiwhite / ultra glass,
  • clear float glass.


Example applications:
  • Hotel terraces
  • Restaurants
  • Home terraces
  • Swimming pools
  • Commercial terraces
  • Public utilities


Use of aluminium in the frame achives a minimal and modern style while the laminated glass permits the maximum flow
of natural light. 

Superbly designed

The moving part is lifted by light pressure, making it very easy and reliable to use.

Best wind protection

Wind-Dam extendable balustrades do an excellent job of providing sound insulation and protection from bad weather.

Time saving

Convenient installation The system is carefully designed to be easily installed in a short time.

Lightweight and durable

The frame is made of aluminum profile combined with crystal clear safety glass, tempered glass 5.5.4 EGS/VSG in the fixed part and monolithic glass 6mm in the extension part. 


Our system passes all necessary quality and safety tests.

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